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Welcome to Just Juniors Disability. Come in, put your feet up, relax, and take a look around. You will find everything to make your life with your special child easier, and more fun.

From reusable food pouches that are perfect for children with allergies, those on pureed diets, kids who cannot spoon feed themselves, and those fed by gastric tube (as the pouches can be screwed to the pump), to trikes and bikes that will open up a world of therapy that is fun, and strollers that will provide a supportive ride for your child, while being a pleasure to use for parents and carers alike.

Products have been selected by a mum with a child with multiple needs, and many of them are tested by the rigours of daily living, as a family who needs products that work.

Many of the aids and equipment here can be purchased using funding from various sources. We will endeavour to provide information on these sources as we find them.

In addition to the business side of Just Juniors Disability, we support our sister site Aroha Angels. You can read more about the charitable work we do for families who cannot get the funding they need for equipment on the link here.

The MOMO tricycle is one of our most popular products. Designed and engineered in Germany, the MOMO has been very well thought out and planned. Of all the brands we tried, this was the only tricycle my daughter could actually pedal on her own, thanks to the extra light transmission. I am not ashamed to say I cried the day she trialled it. I knew straight away that this was the trike for her!

Young Ryan has had a rough start in life, battling a brain tumour, along with 

This is Samara. She is my adorable youngest daughter. While we were waiting for our funding approval to come through for her TOM 5 stroller, she was using this large special needs stroller. The reason I have included this image is to point out the importance of a good supportive seating system for those with postural issues. Like most people, when she was diagnosed with Down Syndrome at 4 weeks of age, I thought I knew quite a bit about it. I mean, it's an intellectual impairment, right?

learning disabilities. He is a personal favourite of my customers. This trike has become one of his modes of transport for getting around in his small hometown. The big (included) basket makes a great place for school backpacks, drinks and snacks, toys, or his mums shopping!

Well, yes, it is. But what I wasn't aware of, is it is a physical and medical impairment as well. Her joint hypermobility (made worse by the addition of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and possible Ataxic Cerebral Palsy) means she can do some awesome party tricks. But it also means her body needs to be supported in such a way that she doesn't cause herself problems with her joints and spine in the future. Check out the Patron range of strollers for some great products that will keep your little ones body protected.

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