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In order to meet the high expectations of Baffin stroller series users, we have designed the first posture correction stroller. Utilizing all the previous Baffin stroller series advantages, Baffin Buggy stroller has been created, with an implemented anatomical mechanical spine. Multi-adjustable frame and a large selection of accessories and colour make this stroller an ideal choice. Individually adjustable according to needs and growth of your child.

Thanks to the innovative system of built-in spine, side supports and adjustable tilt angle of the seat, Baffin Buggy is an excellent tool which ensures easier setting of the patient in sitting or lying positions. Spinal support along the whole back line helps to reduce pressure on a single vertebra, while multi-positioning enables the change of an axial tension vector. Thanks to the easy adjustment of the backrest tilt and the whole seat, using of the stroller is easy and effortless.

Baffin Buggy enables establishing a correct sitting position. It is essential for the stimulation of psychomotor development, and the possibility of comfortable and safe movement in the open space has a huge positive influence both on the patients and their carers.

  • Modern design
  • Great ability to fit to user's anatomical shape
  • Innovative construction of adjustable back support imitating human spine
  • Possibility to take sitting and lying positions with user's stabilisation kept
  • Multipositioning — unlimited setting positions of the device
  • Adjustable backrest tilt
  • Adjustable seat tilt
  • Adjustable footrest tilt
  • Forward or Reverse facing
  • Foldable buggy frame
  • System of adjustable chest, hip and head supports
Standard Equipment
  • detachable and reversible seat-unit
  • depth and width adjustable seat
  • patented adjustable second spine to provide precise support
  • seat-unit with fully adjustable tilt in space function
  • fully reclining backrest
  • angle and height adjustable footrest
  • 300 mm (240/300 mm) wheels
  • large sun hood
  • chest and thigh harnesses
  • detachable swing-away safety bar with cover
  • height adjustable ergonomic handlebar
  • umbrella
  • rain cover
  • footmuff/sleeping bag
  • basket
  • roomy nappy bag
  • available in 4 colours
  • abduction block
  • activity tray
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