Just Juniors Disability
Specialised products for special little people. 

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Bodycycles EDGE

The Edge You Need To Succeed

Our ‘Edge’ range of tricycles are chain driven and designed for people with regular or special needs. Three wheels, instead of two, gives added support, stability and builds confidence.

We have an extensive range of accessories available which have been designed to allow people with a more limiting disability to take advantage of this excellent product.

All Edge tricycles are extremely sturdy in their construction and have been built from quality parts.


  • Adjustable handle bars
  • Chain guard
  • Front locking handbrake
  • Choice of saddles
  • Australian made frame
  • Powder coated frame
  • Available in 12″, 16″, 20″ 24″ & 24″ geared sizes
  • Colours – Purple, Blue, Red, Green

Accessories (click for description)

Trike Transporters

These specially designed trike-carrying racks can be fitted to all cars with a two ball attached.

The 12” and 16” tricycles are suitable for both styles while the 20” and 24” tricycles are only suited to fit the deluxe rack.


  • Easy to fit

TT Rack

  • Transports your 12” and 16” tricycles

TT Deluxe

  • For 20” and 24” Trikes
  • Comes complete with tail light, indicaors and number plate attachment
  • Trike rolls onto rack simply, eliminating heaving lifting