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CAT II Invento

With the Cat II invento™, the correct configuration makes it possible to stand in it either in prone or supine position. The flexibility to facilitate a suitable standing position will be advantageous for children on the grounds that it will be highly beneficial to their development. You can change the alignment of this device as well as the tilt angle with the help of gas spring. Furthermore, you can easily change the position of the child from a lying to a standing position. The Cat II invento™ comes complete with a system of side supports and belts, which not only protects child, moreover, it gives them possibility for eating meals, having fun and learning in standing position. This product is created from ecological and safe materials, and is hand painted.

Key features

  • Possibility of prone or supine standing
  • It grows along with the child
  • Angle adjustable tray
  • Low footrest to aid standing transfer

Standard Equipment

Frame with castors and brakes
Platform with footplate
Gas spring
Knee supports
Pelvic and chest cushion with belts
Pelvic and chest supports
Adjustable headrest for upright supine position
Blockade securing from accidental change of the tilt angle.


Fabric Choices


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