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Exgel Owl Cushion

OWL Kids

  • Small size wheelchair cushions designed for children.
  • Unique OWL shape fits and supports user's body.
  • EXGEL placed in the cushion redistributes pressure, helps prevent pressure sores from developing, and provides comfortable seating.
  • EXGEL has a pleasing human skin-like texture. with its relaxing touch, EXGEL supports the body gently.
  • EXGEL®’s flexibility is extremely high; it stretches about 20 times and able to restore to its original shape (EXGEL® type 1). Its soft and slow recovery natures are gentle to human skin and realize ideal skin contact possible. EXGEL® also has an excellent shock absorbability which is proved to be more than 10 times higher than general urethane foam in tests (result of self-tests conducted).
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