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Infasecure EVOLVE

The Infasecure EVOLVE is Australia's first car seat that fits a child, fully harnessed until 8 years of age, making it a great alternative to an expensive Special Needs seat for many families. In fact, the majority of children will fit the seat longer than this. The 8 year guideline is based on the biggest children, with the average child fitting until 10 years, and the smaller children fitting up until around 12 years.

We have actually replaced one of our $5000 Carrot 3000 seats with the Evolve, freeing it up to go to a family through Aroha Angels who have a greater need for it. 

The gradual recline is very easy to use, and in children with low tone who have been using them, reports are coming back that the children have been able to comfortably sleep without their heads flopping forwards, obstructing their airways! 

The covers are every parents dream. Even more so for those whose children are not toilet trained or are tube fed, and therefore more likely to have messy accidents. The cover is actually made up of several sections, each of which can be removed individually. Better still, they can be removed without having to remove the seat from the car! No more frustrating installations every time your child has an accident!

As your child grows, you will discover that you also can leave the seat installed as you adjust the head height. The harness height will adjust automatically, without you having to remove the seat, or rethread any straps! 

As a parent of a child with very low tone, who has had to rely on special needs seats until now, I cannot praise this car seat highly enough! Whats more, if, like me, you are one of those parents who likes to have a change every now and then, (using the excuse that one cover may be in the wash), you can buy covers in different colours to mix and match! 

At only $420, Special Needs children can now travel safely without remortgaging the home! 

What is the Evolve?

The Evolve is the first Type G child restraint in Australia. A Type G child restraint is one which is designed to be used with an in-built harness from 6 months to approximately 8 years old. Previously, once children outgrew their in-built harnesses (normally around age 4 to 6), they would move into a booster seat used with the vehicle lap sash seatbelt - now, there is another, safer option.

Does it have ISOFix?

No, the new 2013 Australian Standard prohibits ISOFix on child restraints designed to seat older children. In Australia, you will only see ISOFix on child restraints designed for children up to about age 4 (Type A rearward facing and Type B forward facing child restraints, specifically). We'll have ISOFix related announcements to make a little later!

Does the Evolve rear-face?

No, the Evolve is purely a forward facing child restraint. 

Does the Evolve convert into a booster seat?

No, the Evolve is used with it's in-built harness from start to finish.

What colours does the Evolve come in?
Aqua Swirl, Pink Swirl, Purple Swirl, Orange Swirl, Ebony Swirl, and Grey Swirl

Colour Range