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Leggero TRAK

The TRAK™ is a functional and highly adjustable buggy.
For parents who prefer not to see their children in a
wheelchair, the TRAK™ is an excellent option. It not only
provides postural support, but also provides a range of
adjustments to fit a child’s body precisely.

The biggest benefit of the TRAK™ is growth adjustability
which means it offers seat/back length, depth, and angle
adjustments to accommodate for growing children.

The TRAK™ delivers excellent positioning and postural
support to the child, similar to that which can be achieved
in a wheelchair. It comes with lateral trunk supports and
optional hip guides that can be adjusted to different
height and width settings to support the trunk and
pelvis of the child. Available with a RESPOND™ contoured
seating system including a lumbar support, the TRAK™
is a comfortable buggy to sit in. The seating system
contours to the body to provide the right fit.

The TRAK™ offers 21cm seat-depth adjustability,
15cm seat-width adjustability, and 20cm back-length
adjustability: this is the most adjustable buggy of the
Leggero™ range. The TRAK™ allows for 0 to 45º tilt-in-space
and 30º range of recline. The knee-angle can be adjusted in increments of 18º, and the footplate angle and height can also be adjusted. The front wheels of the TRAK™ have a lock that can be released to allow the wheels to revolve when using the buggy for outdoor activities. Revolving wheels help to manoeuvre the TRAK™ easily on curved paths and in tight spaces. The TRAK™ is comfortable, easily foldable, and adjustable. The arm supports of the TRAK™ are height adjustable. This makes it a great buggy that can be used instead of a primary wheelchair.


  • Lightweight
  • Compact folding
  • All-Terrain Mobility
  • 30° hip angle adjustment
  • Lots of Growth and Adjustability
  • Knee angle dynamic movement 15°
  • RESPOND contoured seating system
  • Allowable seat-to-back angle movement 30°

The TRAK comes standard with

  • Deluxe sunshade
  • 7" PU front casters
  • 45° tilt-in-space frame
  • Under seat storage bag
  • Height adjustable foot plate
  • Height adjustable push handle

  • Seat cushion
  • Caster swivel locks, pair
  • 30° hip angle adjustment
  • Foot activated wheel lock
  • Contoured configurable back
  • Quick release 16" PU rear wheel