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A line of postural stabilizers composed of three models: AIR
for supine, EARTH for prone and OCEAN for supine/prone.
Each model is available in different sizes to suit the needs of
different ages, from children to teens to adults.
All models are manufactured with an easy to handle chassis.
The dimensions are designed to allow them to be used
even in narrow places or stowed away when not in use.
The particular shape of the base allows the caregiver to get
very close to the person or to bring the stabilizer as close
as possible to the bed or wheelchair, without any hindrance,
thanks to the height of the base (over 20 cm!) and to the
practical castor wheels with brakes.
Each stabilizer has an upholstered surface for supporting
the body; the inclination is gradually adjustable from the
horizontal to the vertical position and also in length to adapt
to the person’s size. The platform for the feet is adjustable
in height, foot separation, intra/extra rotation and flexion/extension
is independently adjustable.
In the three models in size 3, specifically for adults, the tilt adjustment is by means of a low voltage electric motor with
a remote hand control that allows the user to autonomously modify his position. Although it is designed for professional
use, its ease of use and compact dimensions make it ideal for the home too.




Summary of Features

1 Each model consists of functional modules, designed
to allow maximum customisation and to ensure
adequate support according to different rehabilitative

2 The adjustments are easy and very fast to perform.

3 Each model is configured to ensure maximum functionality,
offering the proper support and pressure
where they are most needed to contain the user,
from the smallest child sizes to the largest adult
sizes (the Shifu size 3 max load up to195 kg!).

4 Plane inclination is smooth and jerk-free by means
of a gas spring operated by pedal or by an electric
motor in the size 3 model. The plane has a very
wide tilting range and allows steady movement
from the horizontal to the vertical position to
gradually arrive at full load on the lower limbs,
starting from complete unload. This wide tilting
range also facilitates positioning and access from
different aids.

5 The base is very stable and robust but also very
easy to handle thanks to its high load capacity
castor wheels (all models equipped with brakes)
allowing for fast movements, even with the person
already positioned on it.


Shifu OCEAN is a reversible stabilizer from PRONE posture to SUPINE posture in a few moves: it is supplied with all the
necessary accessories for both versions and the support surface is designed to allow for extension adjustment.
When in the supine position, there is a support for the head that is independently adjustable in height, a pair of thorax
supports, two belts with upholstered pads for blocking the trunk/pelvis and knees and a tilting tray for support of the upper
limbs that can be positioned at different heights.
An abductor is additionally supplied, particularly for use in the prone version. The Shifu OCEAN “full options” configuration
also includes a pelvis support.

Shifu Air

Shifu AIR, stabilizer for SUPINE position. The “basic” configuration is equipped with padded
belts to fasten trunk/pelvis and knees. The inclinable tray for support of the arms permits
different activities, adjustable at different heights. The head support is independent and adjustable
in height.
Shifu AIR is available also in the “full options” configuration, which includes a pair of thorax
supports to safely restrain the user’s back.


Shifu EARTH, stabilizer for PRONE positions. The “basic” configuration is equipped with height-adjustable
supports for the trunk, an abductor, a belt with pads for thorax/pelvis restraining and a tilting tray for support
of the upper limbs, which can be positioned at different heights.
The “full options” configuration Shifu EARTH is provided with a support for pelvis restraint allowing the
user to maintain the correct position on the surface.


Specifications - OCEAN

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