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Mitico is a postural seating system, suitable for children
aged 3 to 12 years.
It is characterized by a special sitting unit trunk/pelvis,
customizable in every detail and with different adjustable
frames that fit to the different needs of the child and his
The sitting unit is modular and offers multiple adjustment
options that allow the rehabilitator to conform, even during
the growth of the child, the different surfaces to the specific
physical and functional needs of the child.
Mitico is available in two versions, one with the front of the
seat support in a unique platform and one with separated
coxo-femoral supports, independently adjustable to allow a
more appropriate position to cope with problems of limb length
discrepancy or a deformity structured pelvis.
The different accessories and the frames for external and internal
use are perfectly integrated with the chair and create a real “life
partner”: Mitico receives the child in a safe and comfortable
way and allows him at any time of the day a position that can
promote the best participationin the life that takes place around
him, at home, school ... or walking with mum or dad!

Summary of Features

1 The chassis integrates all coupling systems for the
postural units for the head, the upper and lower
limbs, the belts, the braces and other accessories for
the posture control and customization.
2 Each accessory offers various postural adjustment
and handling, to fit precisely to every single need
of the child.
3 On the backrest the interface between frame and
padding is made of closed cell polyurethane, with a
special surface on which you can attack the wedges
for customization.
4 The interface of the seat is made of viscoelastic
and compact thermo-formable material, which
offers comfort and stability and absorbs the kinetic
energy of involuntary movements.
5 Simple and immediate adjustments, which can be
made with the baby sitting!
6 Preformed and customizable wedges for postural
7 Backrest adjustable in height, depth and reclining,
with physiological fulcrum to allow an extension of
the trunk more functional and comfortable.
8 Trunk support adjustable in height and width independently, give greater support and surround the child as the mother’s arms.
9 Seat adjustable in depth, width, abduction, also asymmetrically, to follow the child’s growth and changes in its potential. The seat is available in two versions, with unique plan or with separate coxal-femoral supports, independently adjustable from 15 ° degrees abduction.
10 Independent adjustment in width and angle of the side supports, for pelvis stabilization and containment.
11 Cover made of breathable fabric, soft and washable, comfortable to touch and warm, enjoyable for your child!
12 Filler in silicone hollow fiber, a breathable material that allows you to download the contact pressures; easy to clean (machine washable).
13 Armrests in soft molded foam specially with ergonomic shape, with holes directly incorporated within the structure for the inclusion  of the table or the hand rests.
14 The seat unit can be tilted front and rear from to -45° to +12°.