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MITICO CHILD is an extremely modular postural unit

for children from 1 to 4 years of age; it guarantees

a modifiable support that follows a child’s growth in

its variations as well as the changes in abilities and

needs of the child.

It is made up of a trunk /pelvis seating unit mounted

on an outdoor foldable frame, light and easy to

handle so it remains very agile, but also very

functional, allowing the right support and hold in order

to prevent posture deviations and/or malformations. It

assures the best suitable seat for any activity and for

active participation in the world around the child.

The postural trunk/pelvis seating unit has a tilting dorsal

support to allow an adjustable dorsal/sacrum angling from 10° forwards to 40° backwards.

The elements for the trunk support are modular and have three standard lengths: 85 mm, 100 mm and 115 mm. Further lengths are available upon request.

The seat is depth adjustable from 210 mm to 280 mm and width adjustable from 140 mm to 260 mm. The lateral pelvic containing devices at pelvic are also laterally adjustable. Pads and cushions are available for increased support and comfort.

The seat contains a no-memory visco elastic gel pad to absorb any inequalities and to grant stability to the seating position. Furthermore, for added comfort and stability, there is visco elastic thermo-modelling foam under the jersey padded cover.

The armrests are inclinable and height adjustable. MITICO CHILD can be hooked on all the Mitico frames and equipped with the same head accessories as the MITICO

The seating unit is equipped as follows:

• adjustable seat width extension and backrest height extension;

• lateral containing devices.

• The equipment is an integral part of the postural seating system and therefore cannot be removed.

• Mitico Child is supplied with grey/black, blue/black or orange/black cushions.

All the elements of MITICO CHILD are removable

and washable. The seat frame shows the numerous

possibilities of adjustments. The backrest and

trunk supports are separately adjustable and can

be fixed at different heights.

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