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MODI Buggy

Modi Buggy is an Adaptive Stroller for Special Needs Children. It is designed for transporting children of up to 130cm (4’3”) in height. The stroller facilitates everyday care for children who require transport and who are not able to move and sit correctly without aid. Modi Buggy offers a wide range of essential adjustments and a wide variety of standard equipment. We have created a product, which provides excellent upper body, head, and pelvis stabilisation, while the little passenger has a good time outdoors. We believe that the correct sitting position at all times is important especially while at play. Modi Buggy is an expert in that.

NEW! Modi Buggy MINI — suitable for 6 months old kids.

Modi Buggy provides excellent stabilisation of the little passenger’s upper body. Baffin products are ’an expert’ at correcting posture defects no matter if at school, home, or outdoors. A ride in Modi Buggy is a comfortable way to transport the child, while the following features take care of passive correction of posture:

  • adjustable depth and width of the seat
  • adjustable backrest height (44,5cm – 65cm) (1’6” - 2’1”)
  • abductive belts and a vest,
  • loins support- availability of back support adjustment (available only in size MINI)
  • adjustable tilt of backrest position,
  • adjustable seat tilt,
  • independent adjustment of each of the side supports: hip, chest and head,
  • three tilt choices of the footrest,
  • safety barrier,
Rotating seat, canopy, umbrella, sleeping bag and rain cover add to the passenger’s comfort.
Adjustable handlebar, shopping bag, and a bag are convenient for the carer.


  • detachable and reversible seat-unit
  • depth and width adjustable seat
  • height adjustable back rest
  • seat-unit with fully adjustable tilt in space function
  • fully reclining backrest
  • angle and height adjustable footrest
  • 300 mm (240/300 mm) wheels
  • large sun hood
  • chest and thigh harnesses
  • detachable swing-away safety bar with cover
  • height adjustable ergonomic handlebar
  • umbrella
  • rain cover
  • footmuff/sleeping bag
  • basket
  • roomy nappy bag
  • available in 4 colours
Optional Accessories
  • abduction block
  • activity tray
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