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MOMO Therapy Bicycle

MOMO is a therapy bicycle which supports in particular the balance training and mobilisation of children and teenagers.

The suspension force of the stabilizers is easy to adjust and can be adapted to a child's capabilities. The stabilizers can be fi xed rigidly to mediate security and to build confi dence. During the therapy, they can be adjusted to become very gentle suspension stabilizers. The dynamic stabilizers also ensure traction in any riding situation, and balanced travel on bends.

The diverse range of MOMO series accessories is also compatible with the therapy bicycle. This permits the provision of customertailored equipment.

  • The Momo therapy bicycle trains balance, coordination and stamina
  • The frame geometry with the low access point and centre of gravity simplifies handling

  • The diversity of drives and equipment permits individual adaptations
  • The particularly low-set stabilizers permit both dynamic support and rigid adjustment
  • HMV No.

This beautiful young lady is Ella. She had just received her new 16" MOMO Therapy Bike, and I asked her if she liked it. Now, Ella is a bit of an escape artist. And her reply was brutally honest. "No, I will never like it. It has a mummy handle!" Funny that. That's exactly what her mummy liked about it!

She hadn't yet figured it out, but it also has a dynamic back rest which won't stop her escaping, but will give her mum time to stop her jumping off onto the road!

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