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MOMO Tricycle

The MOMO tricycle unites numerous therapeutic and medical objectives and requirements.

In addition to its mobilising and stimulating effect on joints, muscles and circulation, the MOMO tricycle also makes a major contribution towards the integration of children and teenagers with mobility disorders.The child's and teen's natural motivation to use this equipment is a substantial advantage in comparison to stationary movement trainers.

  • In order to optimise weight, the frames and axle arms are made of high-strength aluminium

  • The compact design and the optimised tricycle geometry with a low centre of gravity makes MOMO a manoeuvrable companion in everyday use

  • The high-quality basic equipment sets new standards in the field of rehabilitation tricycles
  • The extra-low and wide frame access point makes getting on convenient and independent
  • Very different drive variations are available - from a rigid drive to the 7-speed gear hub and electrical support
  • Optimum support for each user can be compiled from the comprehensive accessories program


Bella and Samara


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