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Netti Mini

Grows with the child

Netti Mini is a chair that offers a quality of comfort that is ideal for children and adolescents with decreased muscle strength and stability, who need a chair that gives the body a lot of support. The many adjustment possibilities that the chair offers and the numerous accessories assist in preventing malpositions and asymmetry and allows activity.

The free adjustment of the seat and back tilt allows you to change the seat position and relieves pressure during activity, rest and transfer. The Netti Mini is suitable for children and young people who need the assistance of a companion or a lift for transfer. The chair can be moved by the child itself, but has standard push handles for a companion. The wheels have a camber of 4° for a high level of stability and good driving characteristics.

The Netti Mini can be used as a car seat during transportation in a car.

Standard Configuration

Camber. A camber of 4° improves controllability.
Colourful cushions. The cushions can be delivered with colours as an option.

  • Universal foot supports. Netti Mini comes with an angle-adjustable foot support. If necessary, a heel strap can be used.

  • Sitting variation. The Netti wheelchair allows various sitting positions, which are optimal for users sitting in the chair for long periods. The backrest angle feature provides the necessary rest and relief. If the user wants to be active, the chair can be tilted forward. This is an advantage when the user is transferred in or out of the chair.

  • Good support for the upper body. The Velcro backrest enhances the support that the back cushion provides to the upper body. When the chair is adjusted to best suit the user, the backrest shape is adjusted with six straps in such a way that the lumbar curve and curvature of the spine of the user are supported as much as possible. The continuous adjustment of the seat cushion height facilitates the perfect, customised fit.

  • Netti Seating System. Alu Rehab's wheelchairs are fitted with seat and back cushions especially designed for users who spend many hours in the chair every day and are in need of good stability and pressure distribution. They provide optimum stability and head control, which is crucial during long periods of sitting. The Netti back cushion provides good freedom of movement during activities.


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