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Brand new stroller Jacko is based on new and lightweight aluminum chassis, accentuating the simplicity in usage and modern pure design. The stroller is intended for children with mild postural needs where just easy handling, very compact size and lightweight chassis are requested. Comfort seating on non size adjustable seat is ensured by fully detachable soft padded textile upholstery in fashion style as well as by fully reclining backrest and angle and height adjustable footrest. The design of the stroller enabling folding to the very compact size as well as to reach excellent rate of the width between seat and chassis, what also makes possible for size STD to get through of entrance 600 mm. Jacko is available in two sizes and it is determined not only for city usage but due to 260 mm solid wheels also for the light outdoor activities. The correct usage of the product should be consulted with a seating specialist. The product corresponds to the newest EC standards as well as hygienic, technical and safety requirements. Prices start at $2950

  • Standard equipment
  • fully reclining backrest
  • angle and height adjustable footrest
  • angle adjustable footplate
  • 260 mm (175/260 mm) solid wheels
  • detachable safety bar with cover
  • height adjustable ergonomic handlebar
  • reflexive safety marks
  • frame colours and fabric patterns according to the current offer.
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