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PIPER Comfort is a rehabilitation buggy designed for transporting children with special needs. The fully and compactly foldable chassis is made of lightweight aluminium alloy profiles. The buggy is equipped with an angle adjustable back support, large 175/265 mm wheels, a large footrest and a 5-point fixing belt. Thanks to these characteristics the product is very suitable for urban conditions and public transport, but also for transport outside the city. The variability of the product and the possibility of attaching a wide range of special accessories ensures that most requirements of a wide range of users are met. The proper use of the product should be consulted with a specialist physician. The product complies with the latest EU standards as well as hygiene, technical and safety requirements.

Standard equipment

• seat depth non-adjustable

• extended backrest height non-adjustable

• backrest recline adjustable

• footrest height adjustable, detachable

• seat width adjustable by FLEXI-pads set (**) (optional eq.)

• 5-point immo.harness with crotch belt and shoulder padding

• 175/225 mm solid wheels, front with swivel lock

• detachable wheels, forks • one-piece foldable handle

• basket, transportation lock

• frame colours and cover patterns according to the current offer

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