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TOM 4 Xcountry DUO is based on the very well approved TOMline design of rehab-strollers for handicapped children. The fully

foldable spring-suspensioned

undercarriage is produced from light weight thin-walled tubes with powder coated surface finishing.

Seats of the stroller are detachable and can be independently placed in or against the driving direction. Seat shells are covered by fully detachable soft padded fabric upholstery in fashionable design. Easy handling is ensured by the front swivel castor-wheels with direction lock and as well by the stroller´s fully foldable frame

even with attached seats. The product corresponds to standard hygienic, technical and safety requirements. Prices start at $4860

Standard equipment

• two in function independent, detachable and independently

reversible seats

• seats with fully adjustable tilt in space function

• fully reclining backrests

• height adjustable backrest

• adjustable depth of the seats with corresponding adjustment

of footrests position

• width adjustable seats by FlexiPads set (optional equipment)

• angle and height adjustable footrests

• 200mm front swivel castor-wheels / 300mm rear air wheels

• detachable side soft cushions

• detachable safety bars

• frame colour and fabric patterns according to the current offer

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