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Product Overview

A quick overview of the products in our range. For further details, please click on the pictures to be taken to their relevant pages.

MOMO Tricycle

The MOMO Tricycle is one of our most popular products. And with its precision German engineering, and attention to detail, it is no wonder. The list of accessories make this trike suitable for a very wide range of clients, offering everything from exra light transmission, great stability and easy mounting, through to a fully outfitted model that will support almost every client. In addition, the MOMO trike comes in all sizes.

From 12" right through to 26" there is a MOMO to fit from a 2 year old, to an athletic 99 year old! Or, for the not so athletic 99 year old, there is always the optional electric motor.

MOMO Therapy Bicycle

Like the MOMO Trike, the therapy bike is a leader in its field. Very popular with those who are learning to balance a two wheeled bike, and also for those who want a bike that looks more like all their friends have. The thing that really sets the MOMO apart is the sprung-loaded stabilisers. Rather than lifting the stabilising wheels of the ground to promote more balancing requirements from the rider, the MOMO has an easy to adjust suspension system, that will provide more stability the higher the tension is set. 

So as the rider becomes more confident, the amount of stability provided can be reduced. This prevents the problem of the 'tip-clunk" action of other training bikes, that can induce fear in the rider. The therapy bike fits all the same accessories as the trike, providing a wide range of support options.

Follow Me MOMO

As with the other products from Schuchmann, the German engineering is evident in the Follow Me MOMO. The Follow Me differs from all other trike towing systems, in that it is completely dynamic. It twists and turns as the lead bike does, while keeping the following rider completely stable. If the lead bike hits a bump, or leans to the side, the multiple joints in the Follow Me will ensure that this does not transfer through to the rider behind. 

After an initial set up of the system, switching over from the two riders being separate to joining them together only takes a few seconds, meaning it is simple enough to put on and off just for the harder bits, like on upward slopes.


The King of the Patron range of strollers is the TOM 5. With a huge range of optional accessories, the TOM 5 can be made to suit children with mild support needs through to those who have mildly severe needs. One big advantage of the Patron range of strollers is they lay flat, meaning they can be used for nappy changes in places that simply don't cater to larger children in nappies.The range of sunhoods will keep your child covered in any climate. There is even a footmuff for those in the cold climates. 

New to the range, you can also get a buggy board for a toddler to ride along. This is the stroller I chose for my own daughter, and after having 7 children, and more strollers than Imelda Marcos has shoes, I can honestly say I am very happy with most aspects of this stroller (my personal dislikes are attaching the seat to the base - and I have tried most special needs strollers because of my charity, and hated that aspect of all of them, and I would prefer if it was harder for Samara to adjust the straps on her 5 pt harness, but we have found a way around that.) The price also appealed, as it was nearly $2000 cheaper than its main competitors. An optional hi/lo base is also available, turning your stroller into a highchair.

TOM 4 Xcountry

Like its big brother, the TOM 4 is a great stroller, offering support for children with a large range of needs. Almost all the same support options are available as with the TOM 5, but in a more budget friendly way. The basic functionality is the same, but it has differences such as a manually adjusted tilt in space, compared to the easier to use gas strut, the overall framework is of a smaller gauge, the folded stroller is less compact, the width adjustment is by way of optional pads rather than being built in, etc. But the basic unit is around $1800 cheaper, so if you need the functionality of the TOM 5 or its competitors, but don't have the budget for it, then the TOM 4 is the way to go.

One big advantage of the TOM 4, is it can be coupled with the DUO base if you have another child to transport. The best way to do two kids, is to buy the DUO and then a single TOM 4 wheel base, meaning you can transport either one or two kids at a time. An optional hi/lo base is also available for the TOM 4.

JACKO 5 Streeter

Built to the same robust standard as the TOM 5, the JACKO provides similar support options, minus the reverse and tilt functions. Great for those who really just need to be safely kept close, those who walk normally but tire easily, or those who need a bit of extra support in a strong stroller due to seizures, behaviour issues, or hyperextension. This stroller has been particularly popular amongst those with children on the ASD spectrum. 

CORZO Xcountry

For those who want an easy to use compact stroller, that still has options for lumbar and head support, the Patron range of buggies are an excellent choice. The CORZO has been transport approved to Australian standards for use in vehicles with tie down straps. 2 position fixed recline means you can set the buggy up to suit your child's requirements. Choice of solid or inflated tyres, and also of a single folding footplate, or two separate swing away footplates. Optional extras include padded seat liner, hood, footmuff, raincover, lateral supports, head support, basket etc. The CORZO also has built in height and depth adjustment.


The DoBuggy is a great stroller for those with mild support needs, those who tire easily, or for those quick trips when you just don't have the time or energy to deal with a bigger stroller or wheelchair. Also great for taking on holiday - not only does it fold small, but it could also save your expensive stroller or wheelchair from being damaged in transit.

In addition to the TOM 5, we also have a DoBuggy for Samara, and my basic rule of thumb is if we will be somewhere less than 1/2 an hour to an hour, then I use the DoBuggy.

 For longer excursions, we use the TOM 5 for the extra support it offers. At only 8kg, it is very easy to handle, and starting at just $420, it is cheap enough for everyone. Many families will apply for funding for a more supportive stroller, then just fund this themselves to give them the advantages of a small lightweight option.


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