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Safe Place portable inflatable beds provide a safe sleeping solution for special needs loved ones while traveling. Safe Place beds are affordable, durable, stylish, lightweight, and set up in under 5 minutes!! Making it easy for you and your family to get busy creating memories and vacationing worry-free! Safe Place beds are inflatable, traveling, safety beds. They are individually made with high-grade materials to withstand kicks and movement. The beds are twin size, and adjustable strapping allows Safe Place to attach to any size bed. Zippered, screened panels provide easy entry and exit on each side; the zippers have a locking mechanism to be used for additional security if needed for your loved one. The screened side panels also give air movement through the bed. The floor is made of soft, felted plastic for comfort. Each bed comes in a traveling bag with a handheld, double action air pump ready to serve your needs. Each bed with pump and bag weighs under 7kg! Please contact us for current colour options as these change from time to time. Free Delivery Australia Wide

Safe Place Bed