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Random Tandem

When you have a child with special needs, the majority of the time, they will have a sibling or two. There are not many options around for those who have two children with disabilities, or an older sibling in a wheelchair and a new baby. Many parents resort to using a standard double stroller, but this does not provide enough support, and is often too small, for a child with special needs. Or what if you are in a wheelchair yourself? How do you take your baby or toddler for a walk?

The Random Tandem is a brilliant invention, that connects two strollers, two wheelchairs, or a wheelchair and a stroller together, finally making the impossible possible! And at a fraction of the cost of a specialised double stroller. The versatility of the Random Tandem also means that if you change strollers/wheelchairs, you can carry on using it.  

Attaches to most wheelchairs and strollers.