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With FLOYD, we present to you as an extension to our seat shell subframe range

the "big brother"of the popular and tried and tested FREDDY subframe.

Whilst designing this product, we have orientated ourselves in particular on the

requirements of larger patients with higher body weight or a higher degree of activity. Therefore the base frame is reinforced at decisive points using bushings, the geometry is dimensioned for stability and to prevent the product tipping over even when tilted,and all screw connections have fi tting elements and screws.

The tried and tested upper frame concept with seat depth adjustment and modular back system has been adopted from the FREDDY system.

A wide range of configuration options permit highly individual care.

  • The purposely short design of the wheelbase creates maximum space for foot supports
  • The use of the minimum seat height is possible without encroaching into the swivel range of the front wheels
  • The centre of gravity can be adjusted steplessly through the adjustable seat pan support
  • The seat height adjustment, which is also stepless, allows individual adjustment
  • The connection of the seat pan support in two bearing-supported swivel points results in a backlash-free connection
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