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Thanks to the versatile options, sizes and adjustment possibilities, MADITA is for all ages from toddler to teenager.

The seat angle can also be actively set

to the front to activate the back and

neck muscles. This function can be used

much better with the new option of the

removable back and can be sensed better

by the child. With the back removed, the

pelvic guide still offers a safe and steady

base for the pelvis and therefore the sitting


The freedom given to the child in the

upper back areas motivates them to sit

up straight and allows more room for

activity. The function can be integrated

into the therapy plan and also used for short periods of time, as the upper back, including the headrest, is quickly plugged in again, and provides the child with a positioner and support when they are tired.

  • Individually adjustable seat dimensions and supporting pelotte pads allow a stable and upright sitting position

  • The seat height can be adjusted to different table or playing heights using a gas pressure spring support
  • Seat tilt is adjustable via gas pressure spring, and can therefore be adapted quickly and easily to the current condition of the child
  • MADITA can be adjusted if required with a slight forward tilt, thus making activities easier and promoting activation of the back musculature
  • During relaxation phases, the therapy chair can be set to horizontal position
  • Special constructions are possible based on the MADITA therapy chair, such as for example the integration of individual body depressions
  • HMV No.
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