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MADITA-FUN is available in three sizes for children from early support age 

up to playgroup and school age

■ The possibility of seat height adjustment makes the integration of children 

 in early support, school and at home substantially easier.

■ The good adjustability of the seat unit allows secure sitting and provides 

 the child with increased freedom for activities involving the arms

■ The MADITA-FUN therapy chair provides an ideal basis for the construction 

 of individually-moulded seat units

 Individually adjustable seat size and supporting pelotte pads allow 

a steady and upright sitting position

■ The seat height can be adjusted to different table or playing heights 

with gas pressure spring assistance

■ The seat edge can be adjusted by gas pressure spring and simply 

adjusted to the child's current condition

■ Madita can be set with a slight forwards inclination and thereby 

facilitates activities and encourages activation of the back muscles.

■ The therapy chair can be moved to a lying position for relaxation 


■ Special versions are possible based on the MADITA therapy chair 

such as the incorporation of individual body moulds

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