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Mobility represents an important component of quality of life. Following this basic

principle, we present the MALTE series. We were able to preserve the basic attributes of MALTE such as compactness and fl exibility, and at the same time substantially improve the proportions, the operability and the user friendliness.

The design is characterised by clarity; functions such as the directional locking of the front wheels or a return stop which can be switched off have been intelligently

integrated into the frame.

We have used our entire experience to create the accessory options and optimise them. Therefore, the seat pelotte pad on MALTE can be pivoted away by the user, leaving the seat usable, and the pelotte pad holder serves as a back support. The forearm supports can be individually equipped and adjusted with handles or grip balls.

As a further innovation, MALTE is now also available for outside use in the outdoor version with drum brake and larger wheels.

Please note that the catalogue pages linked here are to the old version of the MALTE, so there are some improvements.

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