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SOFIE is a seat unit which grows with the occupant; available in three basic sizes

SOFIE is the same seat unit as the MADITA and MADITA seats, but rather than coming with a set base, it is a removable unit, and you simply purchase the base or bases that you want to use it with. You can find the bases listed under the heading Specialised Seating Frames.

The versatility of this design means the SOFIE is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • The comprehensive and diverse range of accessories permits individual
  • equipment and adaptation
  • The seat depth and width as well as the back height can be easily
  • adjusted and are included in the standard functions
  • The seat pad can be selected with anatomical moulding, and thus also
  • allows complex seating arrangements
  • SOFIE can be adapted to all commercially available sub-frames
  • Special constructions are possible on the basis of the SOFIE model,
  • such as for example the integration of individual body depressions
  • SOFIE can be combined with the FLEXI-AKTIV fixation system for
  • support in a sitting position
  • HMV No.
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