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The TODD mobile upright trainer provides maximum mobility in an upright position

  • It is possible for the child or teenager using two large drive wheels to move through rooms independently as they wish
  • In addition to the medical-therapeutic benefi ts of a stationary upright trainer, use of the torso and arm musculature is particularly promoted
  • Adaptation to growth of the child or teenager in the torso and extremities is possible through height, width and depth adjustable body supports
  • The buttocks pelotte pad can be adjusted in depth using a hand crank in order to counter knee or hip flexing contractures
  • The combined spinal and pelvic pelotte pad in interaction with the buttocks pelotte pad position the pelvis, promoting activity in the torso and the upper extremities
  • The width of the hand rims is individually adaptable to the child or teenager through the adjustable wheel camber
  • For an optimised standing height of the user to the drive wheels, the footrest is height adjustable and different wheel sizes can be selected
  • HMV No.
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