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Lightweight Standing Wheelchair

The light Swedish wheelchair for standing!

Superior is made of Docol high-strength steel with a total weight of only 15 kg*.

Superior is fantastic to drive. It has a perfect standing and is suitable at home and at work. The ergonomic and handsome design with fewer bars underneath is very attractive and it looks like an active wheelchair.

The active standing that Superior provides increases the circulation in the body and improves there by the digesting. Standing up reduces the risk of Bladder infections, Pressure ulcers and Osteoporosis.

The individual adaptation gives a perfect fit, thanks to all the different adjustments:

  • Seat depth
  • Strength of gas strut
  • Backrest height
  • Back wheel balance
  • Leg length
* refers to the original design.

  • Lightest in the world using DOCOL steel, weighing only 15kg for manual or electric
  • Swedish design, manufacture and quality
  • Manual with gas strut assist or Electric assist
  • Same price for manual or electric (plus accessories if required)
From $9950