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One piece of furniture for tilt in space sitting, reclining and side lying.
It can be used 'head down' for postural drainage and 'back to front' for a prone stretch.

The right chair for rest, work and play!

Quick and simple adjustment enables:
  • Versatile seating positions for comfort and to aid function
  • Upright or forward-tilted positions for play and tray-work
  • Easy positioning for PEG feeding
  • Prone lying for postural drainage

The free-standing, adjustable table has a generous work surface and can be collapsed for easy storage.

Available with 3-function power (Tilt, recline and leg elevation) for quicker, easier changes to position.

Sitting well is harder than it looks. It takes effort to maintain a balanced position and if you cannot do that, then the chair has to do it for you. Without proper support you may end up adopting a bad posture, running out of puff, be stuck in bed or confined to a wheelchair for the entire day.
It may be that you need just a bit of functional support, or it may be that you need something more complex. Either way, with our modular Symmetrikit chair, we can help by providing just the right amount of supportive seating for your needs.

As well as providing great support to help you lie back and relax, your Symmetrikit chair can be quickly repositioned to provide support in day to day activities which require more “functional” positions; your chair can quickly be brought up to an upright or forward tilted position for meal times, play or other “tray-work”. The correct position for PEG feeding can also be easily achieved.

Our range of three chair options provide and cater for a huge variety of clients and their requirements. The modular format enables multiple combinations to suit every shape and size of end user, and it is simple to adapt and accommodate changes in their needs.


Symmetrikit Chair Video