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SYMMETRISLEEP Positioning System

Of the 8,760 hours in a year, the typical immobile person will spend about 3,640 hours in bed.

It is clear that good postural management and comfort are important during this large proportion of each day, and is central to any twenty-four hour postural management program.

The Symmetrisleep Body Support System provides adaptable ergonomic support for anybody who cannot find a comfortable sleeping position easily. It is made up of a series of padded frames, wedges and bolsters, with the shaping elements secured to a base sheet, that help maintain body symmetry during sleep and protect joints from the destructive effect of gravity during those 3,640 hours of bed rest.

In short, it provides supported comfort and postural management while sleeping.

Improved comfort reduces abnormal tone during the night for easier movement and better mornings. This can also mean that family members and carers are disturbed less frequently

The Symmetrisleep System is extremely practical and easy to handle being made from highly conforming “Lowzone” foam cushions and sheets, combined with two-way stretch, wipe-clean, breathable fabrics for comfort and durability .It is also easy to transport and simple to set up anywhere.

Symmetrisleep is infinitely adjustable for supine, prone or side-lying sleep and may, over time, reduce the need for surgical intervention.

The ingenious Symmetrisleep System can provide a good nights sleep for everybody!

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