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Travel SIT

Travel SIT is an orthopaedic seat for children up to 125 cm tall to stabilize the back and head.

Built with a seat equipped with six mobile pads, which in combination with two safety belts and anatomical headrest are designed to support the user in a seated position. The whole unit is covered with ZERO SPOT SYSTEM upholstery, which prevents the absorption of spayed liquids. The fabric is also practical, has bright colours and is pleasant to use.


Go on a journey and Travel SIT will take care of the correct position of your child wherever you are.

A shared lunch at a restaurant

Play with peers

Stay in school and in integrative classes

Fun on the floor with peers in kindergarten

Participating in family events at one table

Holidays and lack of access to specialised equipment

Using the playground attractions

Additional transport support

For Whom?

Travel SIT is for all those small patients who often travel, move from home to the resort, school, kindergarten and need to have a professional rehabilitation chair, which can be taken with you in an easy way. Our travel seat can be packed into your backpack and go on the road. The Transport of the orthopaedic seat was never simpler.

Travel SIT is a positioning and supporting device for the patient in a sitting and reclining position. The seat is used in the following medical units: Cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophe, palsy of various origins, spinal disconnection, vertebral hernia, post traumatic states of the spine, post-traumatic states Stroke, postural defects, and in particular, scoliosis of the spine when other supplies do not apply.


Building a proper pattern of sitting in all these situations of everyday life where we can not take advantage of a large and heavy standard seat,

Improvement of lung ventilation and prevention of pneumonia,

Improving mental state,

Treatment and slowing the progression of scoliosis in children and adolescents with lost gait function.

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