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WHILL Model C Power Chair

Freedom to pursue your adventures in style!

The WHILL Model C Power Chair is not only a trendsetter, but it is also a highly maneuverable chair that will take you many places in style.

The omni-directional front wheels make steering very easy and impressively tight. The remote control app means you can park your chair away from you, and summon it back wen you are ready to move on, or you can help your child to steer where they need to go.

When you are ready to go on an adventure, the Model C can easily be split into 3 parts to fit into the boot of your car..

The seat is height adjustable, and the back has 3 positions. A footplate can be added if necessary.

Optional accessories include side bags, footplate, under seat bag, seatbelt, cane holders, remote key and more.

Available in 8 colour accents and 2 sizes - 16' & 18'. Will fit approximately 10 years to adult.

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